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Anonymous asked:

I don't know why you Rumbellers keep being so dramatic about Belle not being in the promos, DVD covers, calendars, etc. She's not an important character and E&A obviously think so too. You have to accept that Emma and Hook are the power couple and people watch the show for them. A relationship between Belle and an old, ugly guy like Rumpelstiskin is gross and disgusting. People watch TV show for characters like Hook and Emma. So deal with it and stop complaining. Belle is a waste of time! Sorry.





Okay this might take a while nonie but here is what I have to say

1. First of all have I said NO word on my blog about Belle NOT being in the promo, so stop saying things that aren’t true, it just pissed me off

2. Second of all the show does NOT just revolve around Emma. Adam and Eddie stayed that the three protagonists are Emma, Regina, and Rumple (I was made aware of this yesterday)

3. Thirdly I have NOT and will NEVER insult Captain Swan out right. I’ve said I don’t like it, which many people don’t. But I don’t go telling how out right wrong it is and saying thoughts that are actually rude. But your out right telling me my ship is gross and not cared for. Well I’ll tell you right now nonie MNAY PEOPLE DISAGREE WITH YOU.

4. Fourthly, I am well aware my ship can be quite whiny sometimes. It even bothers me sometimes. However CS can be just as bad too. Like they called us SwanFire shippers (some CS shippers) called us whiny and we should praise Adam and Eddie. I can ay right now if the roles were reverses they would be complaining too

5. Fifthly, I am well aware Belle is and always will be a plot device. I strongly believe that she was brought on for one purpose and one alone and that was to give Rumple and softer side, make him look not as beastly. And it was such a success she was asked to come back. So yes I am very thrilled she is getting her own story but I know full well what she was brought on for so don’t act like I don’t know shit.

6. Sixthly I have a major problem with you saying people only watch for CS I for one can tell you many people who don’t like CS and wish they would break up. Go talk to the Swanfire shippers (myself included) and they’ll tell you waht they watch for.

7. Seventhly, I am aware that CS and Rumbelle are the two most popular couples on the show besides SwanQueen. So yes people also watch for Rumbelle, but its sad that they get shafted.

8. Eighthly, I am not complaining. I’m stating fact. And fact is Adam and Eddie exploit CS too much. It show they favour them and thats that. FACT IS FACT

9. Finally, Please don’t come into my box and call my ship ugly and not worth time to my face. I will not tolerate it nor to I find it funny. Please keep your hate to your anti tags and I’ll keep mine their

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I can’t even with this anon. old and ugly? OLD AND UGLY?!! You just insulted Bobby, bitch because your brain is less than the size of a molecule. Never base a judgement on looks. You will not get very far in life. That will not go over well. And I would like to point that Rumplestiltskin was voted by fans as the hottest male character on the show, beating Hook, Graham, and Charming. So ugly? I don’t think so.

I don’t agree with a lot of what the responder said, so I won’t respond to what she said. I’ll start with what YOU said and address the Anon:

This anon makes me sick to my stomach.  Who the FUCK is she to insult Bobby, who’s a human being and NOT a character? If I hear ONE more thing about his being old (he’s NOT, assholes) and ugly (whether you think he’s attractive or not has NO bearing on anything), I’m going LOSE it.  Give a 5 year old a computer and he’d make more sense than people like this asshole…. yeah, I said it ASSHOLE.   IF this person is lucky enough to reach 53 years of age ,let’s see how SHE feels when younger people start to treat her like she ought to be sent to an old age home.

Rumbelle gross and disgusting? Fuck that. You don’t have to like the age gap or ship them, but they have a truly beautiful and epic love story based on friendship, emotional connection and deep, enduring love. What would YOU, anon, know about this given that you worship a ship based only on sarcastic banter and where  the woman enables the bad behavior of the man?

Who the hell are YOU to speak for Adam and Eddy, anon? Belle is a HUGELY important character……she might not get the screen time (YET) and ABC might not like her, but she IS important because she SEES Gold’s real self. NO ONE else has that capacity - and what does that say about them? She SEES his heart, she knows who he truly is …That is a big deal and if you don’t think so ,that’s YOUR problem. Being able to see beyond someone’s mask and into their heart, their inner being, is a gift,  which Adam and Eddy have said. HELLO - this is the Beauty and the Beast FTL; she is FAR more than just a love interest (that description is best left for Hook). She is a woman who has had a tremendous influence on a very damaged man.

You have NO right at all, anon, to speak for people…… so STOP. Hook and Emma are a typical tv couple - they are cliched and uninteresting. SOME people might watch for them, but they are a boring trope that’s been done to death. Rumbelle, on the other hand, is uniquely special……and they’ve had a REAL impact on people’s lives.

Oh and CS the power couple? That’s the funniest thing you’ve said in this pathetic rant.  They generate barely enough power to light a bulb. Rumbelle is the true power couple…but that’s not the point of this response so I won’t go into that here.

Stick this in your pipe and smoke it, anon

I want to slap that anon so fucking hard it hurts.



I don’t see a lie

I went to see Sin City and ended up seeing the new trailer for that passover movie, (hi I’m Jewish I call any movie about Moses a passover movie, because this is one of the only times it’s acceptable for hotties to play Jews, but I digress.) and everyone was so white. I spent the entire trailer singing something like “where -are- the actual -Egyptians? -why -do - we - always- play this game … I  had a very entertaining time, between the singing and whispering “Go back to England Whitey” to Y-Y (who went to the movies with me) was equally amused. What doesn’t amuse us? The same boring bullshit that’s been cycling through Hollywood over almost 100 years. (I chose an easily googled example of the earliest Cleopatra film, sure it’s not “The Exodus, but google has been flooded with the Ridley Scott film so I literally can’t find the info I wanted so I found another example, one that actually fits with the meme

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